Cijferspelmat, bewegenderwijs cijfers en sommen leren

Play a fun, active game while practicing math? That’s the Numbers PlayMat!

The Numbers PlayMat is a large hundred chart mat on which kids can make sums with their hands and feet. This way they get to learn by playing, how the numbers relate to each other.

Playing with the Numbers PlayMat is big fun. Do you want to spend five minutes of your time? Or half an hour? It doesn’t matter. You can play with the Numbers PlayMat by yourself, just make up the sums yourself or use the sums in your math book. Do you prefer some help? Step by step? We developed some instruction cards you can download for free, together with the manual!

How to play sum games…

How much is 2 + 2 + 2 + etc? One kid makes up a sum and another kid steps the sum and the solution: Foot on 2, the other foot on 4, next on 6 etc.

How much is 12 – 3? Create the sum on the mat, for example: Foot on 12, hand on the – sign, foot on 3 and hand on 9.

You can also involve the colors. Can you make up a sum in the blue surfaces with the solution in red?

This way you can create sums endlessly, very easy or very difficult. Play alone or together. Play against each other or with each other!

Voorbeeld sommen

Here you can download the manual and extra playing cards you can use in combination with the Numbers PlayMat.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a store and want to sell the Numbers PlayMat. Is that possible?
    Ofcourse! Please contact Debbie Spelt of www.kakels.nl
    I want to use the Numbers PlayMat on a slippery surface and sometimes it slides. What to do about that?
    You can use a carpet or a standard anti-slip mat (also used at camp sides or in cars) is a good solution. You can also use duct tape to stick it to the floor.
  • Is it possible to wash the mat? 
    Yes! Hand wash or machine wash, max. 40 degrees Celcius. The fabric will get thinner and more flexible but it won’t tear. You can also iron the mat. Tip: Play barefeet or with socks on.
  • Where can I buy the Numbers PlayMat? 
    The Numbers PlayMat is launched in September 2016 in the Netherlands. Produced and distributed by Kakels – original kids products. You can send an e-mail to info@kakels.nl to ask for a store in your neighborhood.

Your Story

Do you have fun pictures of kids playing with the Numbers PlayMat? Please send your pictures, video clips or playing ideas to info@kakels.nl and we will publish them on this website.

The Alphabet PlayMat

Next to the Numbers PlayMat we also bring at the Alphabet PlayMat. That’s double fun! You can learn letters and words by actively playing. Please take a look at www.letterspelmat.nl for more information!